Adult Training & Site Consultancy

Foraging at Forest School CPD

Do you work outdoors with children or adults? Would you like to feel more confident in your identification skills, get ideas for species you can use for food or crafts, know which poisonous species to avoid, and how to introduce wild plants and fungi into your sessions?

A unique training day designed for Forest School Leaders and anyone who works with groups outdoors. Gemma is a Forest School Trainer and professional Foraging Guide and will support your learning and confidence within this training course. You will come away with exciting new ideas and a deeper understanding of the potential of your site for learning and biodiversity.

Do you already have a site and staff? We can come to your setting (location dependant) to deliver a bespoke training designed just for you.

Package can include: client consultation, site survey, staff training, selection of hands-on activities, wild food tasters, summary report.


This is not an accredited course, however Earthwild will provide you with a certificate of attendance.

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Forest School Skills CPD

Have you heard about Forest School and want to experience it for yourself, or are you already a qualified Leader who would like to brush up on your practical skills? If so, this day is for you. We will spend the whole day immersed in the woods experiencing some of the benefits of Forest School for ourselves.
This one-day course is participant-led and guided by Gemma, a Forest School Trainer. We may cover: shelters and knots, fire-lighting and tools, arts and crafts, games and mindfulness. For those new to Forest School, there will be introductory activities. For those experienced already, there will be opportunities to practise your skills with guidance from Gemma.
Already have a site and staff? Book us to deliver a bespoke CPD day tailored to your needs.
This is not an accredited course, however Earthwild will provide you with a certificate of attendance.

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Transforming Practice: Site & Session Consultancy

Are you keen to use your outdoor area or local park with your group but not sure how to start? Unsure which method of delivery to choose- Forest School, outdoor learning, or environmental education? And how will you make sure that your group gets the most benefit from the experience, whilst minimising unnecessary risks?

Getting started in taking learning or play outdoors can be an exciting but daunting time. Earthwild can provide the support needed to make sure you start off in the right direction and any guidance you may need on your journey. We love seeing outdoor projects thrive!

Gemma is:

  • an Accredited Professional with Learning through Landscapes in Transforming Practice- supporting schools to implement outdoor learning through providing staff training, site consultation, and facilitating cooperative decision-making with pupils, staff and parents
  • a qualified Environmental Educator with decades of experience in a wide variety of outdoor delivery for groups ranging from early years to retirees, on sites ranging from small tarmacked playgrounds to large woodlands
  • a Forest School and Adult Trainer experienced in teaching students and school staff how to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments and Risk Benefit Analysis on their site
  • experienced in participatory research and facilitation methods through her Sociology and Master’s degree qualifications and previous work as Education Managers for charities


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“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan.

Community Engagement Events

We are experienced in delivering a wide range of outdoor and environmental event workshops and bespoke adult and family trainings to engage participants in learning traditional skills and gain a deeper understanding of their local environment.

Our interactive or sensory activities provide opportunities for residents to connect and understand the value of their local greenspace- for their own wellbeing, for local species biodiversity, and the wider global environment.