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Who we are
Our business: Earthwild, POBOX 76554, London, SE27 7DY. Our website: You may contact us regarding these terms via

Who you are
By using our services you agree that you are a private individual adult of age 18 years or over, present in the UK at the time you use the our website and services.

Accessing these terms
You can read these terms on our website . We may update these terms periodically, it is your responsibility to check back on any updates. If updates are deemed significant, we may inform our users of the changes via our standard communication methods. If you do not agree with any of our terms, or updated terms, then you agree that you will stop using our website and services.

Provision of services
We will make our services available and as user-friendly as possible. Any planned downtime will be attempted during off-peak hours, or any significant loss of service may be sent as an announcement on social media or our email marketing services. We reserve the right to withdraw the use of our website or booking platform if needed for reasonable reasons such as maintenance, security or circumstances beyond our control.

We have the right to suspend, withdraw or change our online systems such as for technical reasons, to improve functionality, or because it is no longer financially viable. If this is the case we will attempt any downtime to be when there are least likely to be users using the platform or attempt to notify you in advance if the downtime is significant.

We reserve the right to refuse individuals from creating accounts, profiles or booking our services, under reasonable circumstances.

You agree to only use the offered methods of booking and payment systems as promoted on our website. Bookings made with unofficial providers which have not been organised by us, or cash transactions with individuals or agencies, or with the intent to resell, may not be valid.

You must adhere to the specific terms of the tickets you are purchasing. Otherwise those tickets or bookings will be deemed invalid, and services may be refused or withdrawn. In these circumstances refunds are not guaranteed nor should be assumed to be.

Bookings are only to be made by adults with permission to use the personal data of the attendee, whether that be themselves, their friends or family, or for children. If making booking for children, the user must have legal or parental responsibility (eg. parent or guardian).

If you have been provided with a discount code, it is only valid if used for the specific purpose for which it was given. Any misuse or sharing of discount codes is forbidden and may lead to your course being refused with no compensation to yourself or other users involved in the misuse of the discount code. If discount codes are deemed to be deliberately misused, it could result in you being suspended or terminating your account and your access to our services.

It is your responsibility to check that you have filled in the booking form accurately and completely.

It is your responsibility to inform the course leader of any medical or health condition which may be affected or relevant for the course leader to know about. It is your responsibility to update your personal data and information on your account profile when it changes.

We reserve the right to change fees or change booking numbers for our services as we see fit. As a consumer you have legal rights in relation to products or services which are not as described.

Nothing in these terms will affect your statutory rights. You may obtain legal advice via Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards.

Cancellations and refunds
To cancel a booking, you may do so yourself if your booking was via our external provider such as Bookwhen or EEQU. You are permitted to cancel without obtaining prior permission from the course provider if more than 14 days before the event. However, we do ask that out of courtesy we would prefer that you inform them beforehand so that we can manage our events efficiently.

Our services consist of a leisure activity, on a specific date(s), and therefore the 14-day ‘cooling off period’ under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 does not apply.

If you wish to cancel and it is 14 days or less before the event takes place, or you have booked direct through our own website booking system, you will need to contact us on

Late cancellations are likely to mean that we cannot fill the space, and can result in whole events being cancelled due to low bookings making it not financially viable. This affects not just us but also our staff, volunteers and other customers who were booked upon the event. If you cancel a booking, this information may be visible to us when you book future events.

Repeated cancellations can be disruptive and financially damaging to our business and others involved.

If we cancel a booking, we will offer you either a refund, an exchange, credit note, transfer to another date, or other suitable alternative.

It is your responsibility to book on the correct course, we are under no obligation to offer you a cancellation, transfer or refund due to human error or misuse of services on your part.

Refunds can only be guaranteed if more than 14 days prior to the booked event. If 14 days or less, please email Gemma at to see if a refund, exchange or credit note is possible.

We may refuse, cancel or remove services if deemed necessary. If so we will attempt to warn you in advance, however we are not obliged to.

Summary of main terms for all events

  • Full payment is needed in order to secure your booking.
  • Once paid, if you choose to cancel the booking, refunds cannot always be guaranteed and may not be considered if less than 14 days before the event.
  • The event will run in all weathers unless judged to be unsafe (eg. high winds or electrical storms) by the Leader. In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel, we will attempt to transfer your booking to another suitable date or provide a refund.
  • Please note that some events might not be fully accessible to those with disabilities, or those who need behavioural and learning support. Always contact us in advance to discuss your needs.
  • Unless specifically asked by the course leader, we provide all tools and equipment. Please do not bring your own tools, including pocket whittling knives or friction fire lighting equipment, as it may be confiscated until after your session has ended.

Additional terms for events which allow children

  • Child tickets are only valid with a full paying Adult ticket.
  • All children must have their own ticket, even if free. Child tickets are limited.
  • Every child attending must be supervised by a full paying adult. On most events, each adult may not have responsibility for more than two children at a time.
  • Please note that some walks are not suitable for young children or buggies. If you are planning on bringing a baby or toddler, please contact us in advance to check.

Please note, refunds may not be offered if you choose to book, or arrive at an event, whilst disregarding the rules above.

Photographs and videos
Photographs or videos may be taken during the events for publicity purposes and may be posted on social media, websites or printed on fliers. If you do not wish yourself or your child/children to be photographed or filmed please let the workshop provider know before the session begins.

All attendees will be asked whether they consent to photos during the booking form process.

Whilst we take photographic permission extremely seriously and take great care in ensuring attendees without photo permission do not feature in our photographs or videos, due to the nature of some of our sessions there is a low risk that they may accidentally feature in our footage or of those of the public. We check our photos after the event and delete any which may feature faces of those without photographic permission.

Only photos from the course leader’s equipment are allowed. Photos by subcontractors or freelance staff or volunteers are not allowed. If members of the public are seen to take photos of our sessions we will challenge this behaviour if deemed suitable and safe for the situation at hand. Any suspicious behaviour will be reported to the police.

If you are at a public event, community engagement event or market stall event, by taking part in our activities you are consenting to be photographed for our publicity materials.

Photographic consent will need to be kept for 7 years or for as long as the photo or video may be used for publicity. Unnecessary personal data which is not related to photographic consent may be deleted beforehand, as per our Privacy Policy.

Profiles and user accounts
If you register an account or profile with use, it is your responsibility to keep your log in details secure. Please do not share your passwords with anyone, and keep them in a secure place. We will not ask you for your passwords.

If you deliberately share your account or login details with someone else or a third party, we accept no responsibility for any harm or losses resulting from its unauthorised use, and you may be asked to compensate us for any losses or harm which may result from these actions.

If you suspect a breach or unauthorised use of your account, please notify us immediately via with the subject heading: Potential Security Breach.

Security of data
No online platform is completely safe from unauthorised use, security attempts or errors (albeit it human errors or technical errors). We cannot guarantee that our services online will be free of these, however we endeavour to provide as secure and reliable a service as we can.

Privacy and GDPR personal data
Please refer to the detailed Privacy Policy on our website. We only collect and use your personal data as per our Privacy Policy. By using our website or booking our services, you agree that we may collect, process and share your data as detailed in our policy. If you do not agree with any of our policies, you agree that you will cease to use our services.

Intellectual property
Our work, design and logo is protected under copyright and trademark laws. You must not copy without written permission from ourselves.

If you comment, provide feedback, or share ideas with us, you agree that we can use them or similar ideas, whether derived from your interactions with us or from other sources, without compensation or restriction to you.

The name and logo of Earthwild is trademarked and only we are granted license to use them.

If at any stage you have concerns or queries about any of our subcontractors, please contact us on

We do not share personal data or information gathered before , during or after a course, unless deemed necessary for legitimate business or legal purposes.

In return, we ask that you do not share confidential or personal data collected during your time with from course participants or the course leader. If any other concerns are held, such as safeguarding disclosures, this may override the confidentiality agreement, in which case please contact our safeguarding officer immediately on

Please contact us via if you have any complaint, suggestion ,feedback or comment on our services.

Last update to this policy was made on 29.09.23